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Rumors About Sonrise In The Woods

There are some strange rumors making the rounds. The fact that misinformation about our Sonrise in the Woods project is circulating doesn’t surprise us. What does is how silly it’s gotten. Apply a relatively small dose of common sense and you see that the rumors actually make very little sense. 

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Coexisting with the Forest

Many scientists believe that there were too many trees, too close together in the San Bernardino National Forest. That was one cause for the bark beetle infestation, which, ironically, led to the removal of more than a million trees. Too many trees in proximity to one another forces them to compete for water underground and sunlight above. Thinning can increase wildlife habitat and reduces the fuel that can lead to potentially devastating fires.

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Traffic in Lake Arrowhead

The Sonrise in the Woods development is scheduled to open Easter of 2020. It will bring the mountain communities an auditorium, youth center, recreational facilities, fields, courts and more. Contrary to what some have said, we are not going to pave paradise, construct a massive parking lot, or create new traffic in Lake Arrowhead.

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