Sonrise In The Woods Brings Community Benefit

Everyone on this mountain contributes value and strengthens Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding region. We all have responsibility. We all have purpose.

Our responsibility has always been to be a reliable resource to members of our church and community. Our purpose is to help where we can, both spiritually and practically. Sonrise in the Woods will be a resource for everyone in the community, regardless of their faith, beliefs, or type of needs.

In the 34 years we’ve been a part of the Lake Arrowhead and surrounding region, we’ve seen a need for more recreational facilities to meet the growing needs of the local youth. The Sonrise in the Woods baseball and soccer fields, as well as the volleyball and basketball courts, act as an addition to the few local spaces to play. These allow for alternative spaces to organize casual and youth league play, providing a safe place for our mountain’s youth to learn the value of and practice teamwork, communication, and leadership. Youth is a time for finding identity and personal growth. Sonrise in the Woods offers the opportunity for our mountain youth to develop as individuals and community members through youth ministry services and recreational activities in the serenity of the outdoors.

The benefits of Sonrise in the Woods also extends to families and couples. Aside from being a possible place of worship and spiritual practice, the campus provides and promotes family positivity through counseling, seminars, and natural open space. We believe that by providing the space and ability to gather, allows you to freely choose the way your family spends time together, strengthens, and grows closer. If you’re looking for an afternoon getaway in a quiet park, want to attend one of our services, or anything in between, Sonrise in the Woods will offer families the freedom to make their own experience out of it.

We’ll continue to help those who are in need of financial assistance. Sonrise in the Woods allows us to grow our programs and provide the needed space to meet with individuals and families, and discuss how we can help accommodate and meet the needs of those seeking help.

Overall, Sonrise in the Woods gives us the opportunity to be a much needed resource for members of the community.  We’ve spent hundreds of hours deciding, planning, and drafting ways in which our new home can be of benefit to everyone.

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