This will be the kind of resource residents of the region have needed for decades. Sonrise in the Woods allows more space for members of the community, other local partners and businesses to gather, organize, and enrich their own community benefit.

Those seeking guidance in faith will be encouraged to join us. From our youth ministries to our Sunday services, a house of worship will be available to any and all that seek spiritual guidance and fellowship. We’ll be a place devoted to helping our community’s homeless and hungry. And, in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, we will offer local agencies use of our facility as a staging area.


Our playgrounds will be a fun, safe place for parents to bring their young children, while a multi-purpose facility, designed for inspiration and encouragement will be built for teenagers. Young adults living in the mountain can often feel a sense of isolation. This will be a place where they can connect and grow relationships.


Adults and Seniors will discover dynamic friendships and a purpose greater than themselves. Sonrise in the Woods provides a sense of belonging, allowing many to nurture their mind and body, grow in character, and let it shine.


Marriages work when there is hope and understanding. Families work when there is compassion and sharing. Both work best when there is unconditional love. We will provide free seminars and counseling.


Too many of us, adults and children alike, are glued to our smartphones or tablets. Life is not a spectator sport, exercise and activities keep us vibrant and healthy. Local community groups, teams, and schools are in desperate need of more places to play. Our facility will feature fields for baseball and soccer, as well as basketball courts and a gym. Someone told us, if we build it, they will come.