The Truth Is Clear Cut

A rumor has been circulating that the Sonrise in the Woods development will require 30 acres of land to be clear-cut. So, it’s time for us to put another rumor to bed.

We’ve owned a little more than 37 acres of commercially zoned land in Rimforest since 2002. San Bernardino County came to us to see if we could help with flood control in the area and so we parted with a bit more than 10 acres. So, we’re now down to 27 acres. This will be the site for our Sonrise in the Woods project.

Half of the remaining land will stay untouched, and our actual structural footprint is only 4% of the property. Clear cutting is typically done to harvest timber and it often leaves an uninviting, craggy landscape. That’s not what we’re doing. The parcel we develop will become an aesthetically stunning landscape, encircled by nature trails. There’ll be a chapel as well as recreational fields. The Sonrise in the Woods development will be a place for the community to enjoy, recreationally and spiritually.

There’s an old axiom about rumors that says, “Just because you heard, doesn’t mean you know.” So, if you really want to know what’s happening, subscribe to our blog, and visit our website.

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