The Sun Rises in Lake Arrowhead

Over 30 years ago, when Church of the Woods opened its doors to friends, family, and the community, we started with a principle that everyone can believe in – great movements only become great once they add value and strengthen the lives of the people involved.

Having the privilege of practicing our faith and being a valuable asset to the Lake Arrowhead and surrounding region for over 30 years, we’re in a position to give back.

And giving back is what we’re doing.

Over the course of the next year and a half, we will transform 15 acres of land in Rimforest into the kind of resource residents of the region have needed for decades. We call it Sonrise in the Woods.

Sonrise in the Woods is more than just a space for Church of the Woods community members to congregate. It’s a space for our beautiful community to use, enjoy, and benefit from. We’re constructing a youth center, recreational facilities, auditorium, children’s ministry, baseball and soccer field, volleyball and basketball court, and a temporary amphitheater that will later be replaced with a place of worship.

Most importantly, a major portion of our project will see that the land is untouched and preserved for generations to come. We love the serenity of the mountain and we aim to keep our footprint on it as minimal as possible.

Future blog updates will include detailed information on the Sonrise in the Woods development, including what it will look like, the benefits it will provide, the progress of the project, and address any environmental concerns. The county’s environmental impact report concluded that there were no adverse environmental impacts as a result of the project that could not be mitigated. You can read that here. Our goal again is to provide a space for the community to enjoy and keep our footprint minimal.

We’re excited to work with the community, as one, and add value to our wonderful mountain.

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