Recreation For Lake Arrowhead Youth

In April of this year, 30 youths from Church of the Woods will embark on a mission to Ecuador. They will be bringing with them a sense of adventure, enthusiasm, compassion, and John 3:16. These 30 are among the best of a generation. Young people like them are the future of our church and the mountain. And they need a place to hang out.

Arrowhead and surrounding communities have lakes to enjoy; three seasons out of four. There are gyms you can join, and some fields, but there isn’t a single spot with something for everyone. Sonrise will change that.

Our Sonrise in the Woods project is going to provide a place to pray and play. We’re developing 15 acres of land in Rimforest, turning it into the kind of resource residents have wanted and needed for a long time. When complete, Sonrise will provide the mountain a place for spiritual transformation and recreation.

Too many teens and children spend too much time with social media and too little time being physically active.

Technology is a great tool but life is not a spectator sport. The benefits of exercise are well known and access to recreational space is an advantage. In fact, parks and places to recreate are often cited as among the most important ingredients for a livable community.

Included in the project are soccer and recreational fields, basketball and volleyball courts, playgrounds, a gymnasium, and nature trails. For the past 20 years unstructured play among our youth has declined. A recent George Washington University study tells us that the desire and therefore the benefits of playing just for fun have diminished. We want to help bring that back to the youth of our mountain in the form of a special, spiritual place.

Sonrise in the Woods will be a fun, safe place for children, teens and adults to enjoy. It will be a place for the body, the mind, and the soul.

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