Parting of the Blue Stream

In 2002, we bought 37.3 acres of land in Rimforest with a blue line stream. That was the beginning of our development, Sonrise in the Woods. Early on, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors gave us a Negative Declaration, meaning there was no substantial evidence that the development would negatively impact the environment. Never-the-less we’ve been willing to address issues voiced by the community and environmental groups.

One such concern was the presence of the blue line stream within the property. Topographic maps designate these streams as a broken or solid blue line; hence the name.

Concerns, real or imagined, were raised that the development would destroy the stream and be the cause of flooding. However, we’ve ensured that’s no longer the case.

We’ve partitioned 10.1 acres of the original 37.3 to the County of San Bernardino for flood control. The blue line stream is now located on this parcel along with thousands of trees.

Sonrise in the Woods is a development of the Church of the Woods. We believe the development will be a literal and figurative godsend to Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities. We’re also committed to an environmentally friendly development.

Can we have it both ways? We refer you to Matthew 19:26.

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