A Preview of Sonrise in the Woods

We’re honored to be able to bring Sonrise in the Woods to Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding region. Our goal has always been to create an environment that preserves the natural serenity of our mountain and harmonizes with the local ecosystem.

We know it can be difficult to envision the final result of a project before it starts. No matter the scale, visuals and project plans can help create a clear picture. Without them, it’s easy to create your own version, your own image, based on information that may be outdated.

Below are a few artist renderings we commissioned. These illustrate how the development will maintain the natural surroundings and ambiance.

Sonrise in the Woods Map Directory

The Sonrise in the Woods concept plan shows the property size and our vision. Half of the project site will be retained for natural open space or untouched. One quarter of it will be utilized for the ball field, play yards, recreation courts and landscaping. Only 25% of the property will be used for structures, drives, walks, and drainage features.

A Preview of Sonrise in the Woods

Looking northwest from Highway 18, our recreational sports fields will sit quietly underneath the mountain terrain, surrounded by indigenous plants, trees, and wildlife.

Chapel Retreat

On the opposite end of the property, we’re excited to showcase our chapel retreat. Sitting over Highway 18, we’ll install a gravel shoulder with induced landscaping. A paved fire road will be accessible for emergency personnel and egress.

Visual Simulation of only Stop Light at Sonrise in the Woods

This visual simulation shows the only stoplight that will be installed on the mountain for the Sonrise in the Woods development off of the main entrance on Highway 18. The San Bernardino County Planning and Traffic Division study determined that only one stoplight intersection would be needed for the property. We’ve worked with the county to ensure the light will be a “trip light”, which would operate based on the flow of traffic. The light will allow Highway 18 traffic to flow freely, without unnecessary interruption.

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